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Isotope Geology and Petrology

Info for students (in German)


The link below contains information (in German) to provide support for students when preparing reports for field trips and laboratory classes:


Adobe Leitfaden für Exkursions-, Labor- und Praktikumsberichte



Possible topics for bachelor’s and master’s theses


The research group Petrology and Isotope Geology has always exciting and diverse topics on offer for bachelor’s and master’s theses. These include but are not limited to petrological studies (e.g. on the formation and properties of minerals), volcanological, geochemical and geochronological studies (e.g. on the evolution of magmatic systems in different geodynamic settings) and geoarchaeological projects (e.g. on the origin of geomaterials and their significance in an archaeological context).


For investigation, there are diverse analytical instruments available in the institute (such as light microscopy, SEM, Micro-Raman, X-ray fluorescence, SIMS etc.). For analyses that cannot be performed in Heidelberg there is the opportunity for national and international cooperation.


Specific topics are always up to the current state of research. Own ideas and suggestions are welcome to be discussed.


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