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Isotopengeologie und Petrologie



  • Accessory mineral geochronology of Hasan Dağı and Erciyes Dağı (Central Anatolia) to constrain eruptive recurrence and magma accumulation of intracontinental stratovolcanoes
  • Zircon in tephra as a novel tool to decrypt geologic and archaeological archives: a case study from Central America (with Steffen Kutterolf, GEOMAR)
  • Timing, Rates and History of Post-YTT (<74ka) Resurgent Uplift of Samosir Island, Toba, Sumatra (with Shan de Silva, Oregon State University)
  • Closing the gap: A novel 50,000–1,000,000 year dating method for Quaternary chronology (with Martin Danisik, Curtin University)
  • U/Th Zircon Chronometry Of Holocene Eruptions In The Salton Sea Geothermal System (California, Usa) Using A New High-Spatial Dating Technique (with Melanie Barboni, UCLA, and Juan Pablo Bernal, UNAM)
  • Coupling high-spatial resolution (SIMS) and high-temporal resolution (TIMS) techniques on zircons to track the plutonic-volcanic connection (with Melanie Barboni, UCLA)
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