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Isotope Geology and Petrology

Dr. Andreas HertwigHertwig Kl



Institute of Earth Sciences

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Research interests and projects


  • High-pressure metamorphism and fluid-rock interactions at subduction zones (jadeitite genesis in the serpentinite mélanges of the Rio San Juan Complex, Dominican Republic)
    • Current project funded by DFG: “In-situ U-Pb age dating and the oxygen isotopic composition of accessory minerals in jadeitites: investigating the timing of fluid release and fluid-rock interactions in subduction zones.”
  • Early solar system evolution (oxygen isotope analysis and Al-Mg chronology of chondrules and Ca-Al-rich inclusions in chondrites by SIMS)
  • Dating of accessory minerals by SIMS (e.g., zircon in jadeitites, apatite in meteorites)
  • Stable isotope paleoclimate proxies
  • High resolution determination of isotope ratios in minerals and other solid matter by secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS)


Academic career and professional employment


Since 10/2020 Heidelberg University, Research Associate
07/2018-08/2020 University of California, Los Angeles, Post-doctoral researcher
11/2015-06/2018 University of Wisconsin-Madison, Post-doctoral researcher
2014 Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Dissertation (Dr. rer. nat.)
2010 Technische Universität Berlin, Diplom




2015 Ruth Massenberg-Preis (Annual award for the best thesis in the field of natural sciences defended at the Ruhr-University Bochum)



Current teaching


2022 Summer semester

  • Polarized-light microscopy I (Lichtmikroskopie I, B. Sc.)
  • Field trip Fichtelgebirge/NE-Bavaria (B. Sc.)

2022/23 Winter semester:

  • Polarized-light microscopy II (Lichtmikroskopie II, B. Sc.)






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