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Palynology & Paleoenvironmental Dynamics


Dr. Polina Vakhrameeva






Institute of Earth Sciences

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Research Profile:

My research aims at dating and correlating marine and terrestrial climate archives using tephrochronology in order to contribute to a better understanding of paleoclimatic processes. Specifically, I am developing tephrostratigraphic records for the Holocene to Middle Pleistocene of the Eastern Mediterranean region and the Eurasian Arctic, with the focus on tracing and geochemical fingerprinting of cryptotephra layers. For the Eastern Mediterranean region, the goal is to establish tephrostratigraphic land-sea correlations primarily for the Middle Pleistocene based on key archives such as Tenaghi Philippon (NE Greece) and ODP Leg 160 (Eastern Mediterranean Sea). In order to link the large number of yet unidentified distal (crypto)tephra layers to their volcanic sources and to facilitate their use as stratigraphic markers, I am currently refining proximal tephrostratigraphies in the South Aegean Volcanic Arc. The near-vent pyroclastic deposits are characterized using high-precision dating techniques (Ar-Ar, U-Th-Pb, (U-Th)/He) and geochemical glass microanalyses (EPMA, LA-ICP-MS, SIMS). These data allow to establish new, and to revise established, proximal-distal tephra correlations, ultimately yielding a refined tephrostratigraphic framework for the Middle Pleistocene of the greater Eastern Mediterranean region.


Short CV:

since 09/2021

Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University

2020 - 2021

Researcher, Institute of Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University 

2016 - 2020

PhD in Geology (Dr. rer. nat.), Heidelberg University, Germany
Title of PhD thesis: Advancing tephrostratigraphic frameworks for the European Quaternary: Insight from terrestrial and marine cryptotephra records in the Eastern Mediterranean region and the Eurasian Arctic. Supervisors: Dr. Andreas Koutsodendris, Dr. habil. Sabine Wulf, Prof. Jörg Pross

2011 - 2013

MSc in Geology, St. Petersburg State University, Russia

2009 - 2016

Graduate Research Assistant, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russia

2005 - 2009

Lab Assistant, St. Petersburg State University, Russia

2003 - 2009

Diploma in Geography, St. Petersburg State University, Russia


Field Work / Scientific Expeditions:


Field Trip to west Aegean Arc, Greece (volcanic rock sampling)


RV METEOR, cruise M144, Eastern Mediterranean Sea


Expedition Taimyr 2012, Arctic Siberia, Russia (geological mapping & paleoenvironmental studies)


Expedition Lena 2010, Arctic Siberia, Russia (lake sediment coring)


Expedition Lena 2009, Arctic Siberia, Russia (lake sediment coring)


Other Experience:


Field trip in the Carpathian Volcanic region, INTAV International Field Conference on Tephrochronology, Romania


Summer School 'Dates and Rates of Change in the Quaternary', Eifel Volcanic Field, Germany


Training course ‘Assessing the impact of climate change and its effects on soil and water resources in polar and mountainous regions’, International Atomic Energy Agency project INT/5/153, Svalbard, Norway


Third-party funded research projects:

  • “Glass geochemistry and ages of Middle Pleistocene (130–770 ka) pyroclastic deposits from the Aegean Arc: Towards a refined tephrostratigraphy for the Eastern Mediterranean region” (PI; DFG; 2021) 




(as of 03/2023; * denotes ISI journals)



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