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Palynology & Paleoenvironmental Dynamics


Polina Vakhrameeva, M.Sc.






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Research Profile:

My PhD project aims to establish a high-resolution tephrostratigraphic record for the Eastern Mediterranean region during MIS 12-11 based on macro- and cryptotephra analyses from key marine (ODP Leg 160) and terrestrial (Tenaghi Philippon, NE Greece) archives.

MIS 12 and 11 stand out in the Quaternary climate record as being the most extreme glacial and the longest interglacial of the last 1 Ma, respectively. In order to assess leads and lags between marine and terrestrial components of the Eastern Mediterranean climate system during the targeted interval, robust and precise land-sea correlations are required. Tephra layers as time-parallel marker horizons provide an excellent tool for dating and synchronisation of sedimentary sequences. The study region has a great potential for generating tephrochronological framework due to its downwind position with respect to the Italian and Hellenic volcanic provinces. However, most previous tephra studies in the Eastern Mediterranean region have focused on the past 200 ka BP, which is why the Middle Pleistocene, including MIS 12-11, has yet remained poorly explored in this respect.

In this project cryptotephra identification in marine and peat cores will be carried out using the conventional extraction-microscopy method as well as µ-XRF scanning. Comprehensive geochemical fingerprinting of tephra horizons will be achieved through the use of electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) of single volcanic glass shards.


Short CV:

since 03/2016

PhD student within the Paleoenvironmental Dynamics Group at the Institute of Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University. Supervisors: Dr. Andreas Koutsodendris, Dr. habil. Sabine Wulf, Prof. Jörg Pross

2014 - 2015

Laboratory Technician, Institute of Earth Sciences, St. Petersburg State University (Russia)

2011 - 2013

MSc in Geology, Faculty of Geology, St. Petersburg State University (Russia)

Title of MSc thesis: Composition and depositional environments of Holocene lake sediments in the lower reaches of the Lena River. Supervisor: Dr. Elvira I. Sergeeva

2009 - 2016

Research Assistant, Department of Polar Geography, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (Russia)

2005 - 2009

Laboratory Technician, Faculty of Geography and Geoecology, St. Petersburg State University (Russia)

2003 - 2009

BSc in Geography, Faculty of Geography and Geoecology, St. Petersburg State University (Russia)

Title of BSc thesis: Research methods for studying Arctic and Subarctic lake sediments aimed at palaeoenvironmental reconstructions. Supervisor: Prof. Dmitry Yu. Bolshiyanov





(as of 10/2018; * denotes ISI journals)



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[3]* Ponomareva, V., Polyak, L., Portnyagin, M., Abbott, P.M., Zelenin, E., Vakhrameeva, P., Garbe-Schönberg, D., 2018. Holocene tephra from the Chukchi-Alaskan margin, Arctic Ocean: Implications for sediment chronostratigraphy and volcanic history. Quaternary Geochronology 45, 85-97.



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