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Palynology & Paleoenvironmental Dynamics

Ilias Kousis, M.Sc.






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Research Profile:

My PhD study aims at deciphering the response of vegetation to centennial- and millennial-scale climate change in SE European during the Middle Pleistocene. More specifically, my work focuses on a better understanding of the characteristics of plant refugia during the MIS 11 interglacial (424-374 ka), which is considered one of the best orbital analogues to the Holocene, and the MIS 12 glacial (478-424 ka), which represents one of the most extreme glacials of the entire Quaternary. To address these research questions, I currently carry out high-resolution pollen analyses on new core material from Lake Ohrid, Europe’s oldest lake, which has recently (2013) been drilled within the framework of ICDP. 


Short CV:

since 09/2015

PhD student within the Paleoenvironmental Dynamics Group at the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Heidelberg. Supervisors: Dr. Andreas Koutsodendris, Prof. Jörg Pross


Master student in Geology, University of Oslo (Norway). 

Title of MSc thesis: Palynology and Sedimentology of the Dunscombe Formation, Mercia Mudstone Group, South Devon, Southwest England. Supervisor: Prof. Wolfram Kürschner 


BSc in Geology, University of Patras (Greece). 

Title of BSc thesis: Geological and stratigraphical analysis of Meganisi, Ionian Islands.




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[1]* Kousis, I., Koutsodendris, A., Peyron, O., Leicher, N., Francke, A., Wagner, B., Giaccio, B., Knipping, M., Pross, J., 2018. Centennial-scale vegetation dynamics and climate variability in SE Europe during Marine Isotope Stage 11 based on a pollen record from Lake Ohrid. Quaternary Science Reviews 190, 20-38.

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