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Palynology & Paleoenvironmental Dynamics


Emiel Huurdeman, M.Sc.






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Research Profile:

My PhD research aims to reconstruct paleoenvironmental change during the Late Paleocene–early Eocene (~57–51 Ma) in Southeast Australia, at a paleolatitude of ~57° S. To gain insight into terrestrial paleoenvironmental dynamics both on long (Myrs) and short "hyperthermal" (<200 kyr) timescales, I am currently conducting high-resolution pollen analysis on an outcrop section in Southeast Australia. The results will give the opportunity to assess the influence of high atmospheric CO2 on climate and vegetation at high latitudes. This is of particular importance as recently reconstructed near-tropical temperatures for the Paleocene–Eocene in this region are not well understood from a climate dynamics perspective and are currently difficult to reproduce with climate models.


Short CV:

since 02/2018

PhD student within the Paleoenvironmental Dynamics Group at the Institute of Earth Sciences, Heidelberg University. Supervisor: Prof. Jörg Pross.


Research assistant at the Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, within the research group "Coastal dynamics, fluvial systems, and global change".


MSc studies "Earth, Life and Climate" at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
Title of MSc thesis: Late Paleocene–early Eocene long- and short-term environment and climate change in Southeast Australia.


BSc studies "Earth Sciences" at Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
Title of BSc thesis: Orbital forcing in color reflectance records across the Oligocene/Miocene boundary.


(as of 02/2018)



[1] Frieling, J., Huurdeman, E.P., Rem, C.C.M., Donders, T.H., Pross, J., Bohaty, S.M., Holdgate, G.R., Gallagher, S.J., McGowran, B., Bijl, P.K., 2018. Identification of the Paleocene-Eocene boundary in coastal strata in the Otway Basin, Victoria, Australia. Journal of Micropaleontology 37, 317-339.

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