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Palynology & Paleoenvironmental Dynamics




Fully equipped laboratories for:

Laboratories for palynological (HF-lab) and cryptotephra processing


Drillcore processing and storage (including cold-storage facilities)


X-ray fluorescence (XRF) core scanning


AVAATECH (GEN-4) XRF scanner equipped with an OXFORD ‘Neptune 5200’ series 100 W X-ray source with a Rhodium anode, a RAYSPEC SiriusSD 65mm2 Silicon Drift Detector, a BRIGHTSPEC Topaz-X Multichannel Analyzer, a colour line-scan camera, and an MS2E Bartington sensor for magnetic susceptibility measurements.

Requests for XRF scanning should be addressed to Dr. A. Koutsodendris or Prof. J. Pross. 



Microscopes for palynological and sedimentological analysis


One microscope Carl Zeiss 'Axio Imager.A2' with an 'Axiocam 506 color' camera and fluorescence light

Four microscopes Carl Zeiss 'Axio Scope.A1'

One microscope Leitz 'DMRXP'

Fourteen microscopes Carl Zeiss 'Primo Star' for teaching purposes




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