• Complex Organic Molecules On Saturn's Moon Enceladus
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  • Our group is participating in a Japanese asteroid mission.
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  • Nature Astronomy article on how Enceladus’ hydrothermal systems might work.
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  • Impressive video on the „Grand Finale“ of the Cassini space craft. YouTube
  • ERC Consolidator grant for Frank Postberg (December 2016) ...more
  • Scientific American Article (in October 2016 issue) “Under the Sea of Enceladus”  By Frank Postberg, Gabriel Tobie and Thorsten Dambeck ...more
  • Science Research Article Release (15th April 2016) “Flux and composition of interstellar dust at Saturn from Cassini’s Cosmic Dust Analyzer” by Nico Altobelli, Frank Postberg et al. ...more
  • Nature Article (12th March 2015) “Ongoing hydrothermal activities within Enceladus” by Hsiang-Wen Hsu, Frank Postberg et al. ...more

Planetary Science by Space Missions

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Frank Postberg has accepted a Professor position at Freie Universität Berlin and his research group has moved to this new institution.


The research group works on the exploration of planetary objects, mainly in the outer solar system, with dust detectors on space craft. Our main method is analyzing the composition of cosmic dust particles to learn on the composition of their source bodies.
More on planetary science with cosmic dust.


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