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Annual field-trip "The Ediacarian–Ordovician transition of the Avalon peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada"

An annual field-trip with graduate students during two weeks in summer will focus on the Neoproterozoic to mid-Ordovician of the Avalon Peninsula in south-eastern Newfoundland, Canada. The students will visit key localities to study palaeoenvironments, palaeontology and palaeoecology of this time interval. Outstanding, well-known sites are the Ediacaran fauna of Mistaken Point, the Precambrian–Cambrian GSSP at Fortune Head and the trilobite fauna of the Manuels River Formation. Besides study of the geology of the region, a specific aim of this field course is to present the work of the Manuels River Natural Heritage Society to the students of Heidelberg University.

Each student will contribute a 15–20-minute presentation in the field of a specific topic related to the geology and palaeontology of western Avalonia and after the field course submit a written report on the topic as well as descriptions of selected localities visited.

Group 2013 (Mistaken Point)
Group 2014
Group 2014​ (Bell Island)


The field course is funded by the German Klaus Tschira Foundation gGmbH. Logistic support will be provided by the Manuels River Natural Heritage Society.

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