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Past Ocean Dynamics

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The 231Pa/230Th circulation proxy is based on the idea of measuring the 231Pa and 230Th generated by the decay of dissolved 235U and 234U in the overlying water column (so called excess fraction). However, there are also fractions of 231Pa and 230Th in the sediment not originating from the water column. There is a detrital and an authigenic fraction as well, which needs to be corrected for. The underlying assumptions for these corrections have been presented by Henderson and Anderson (2003), which have been later refined by Bourne et al. (2012).

Since the final 231Pa/230Th (excess) ratio is a result of these assumptions and calculations it is important to provide the raw data of isotopic concentrations to allow independent re-calculations. Thus, we provide here a (frequently updated) .txt-file for download containing the sedimentary concentrations of 231Pa, 230Th, 238U,232Th, sample depth, age and references from all data generated by our working group within the last years with focus on the Atlantic Ocean.


Download Pa/Th Data compilation



Today the 231Pa/230Th circulation proxy is an invaluable tool in paleoceanography, although measuring it is still a demanding analytical task (in particular 231Pa). Besides the usually extreme low quantities of 231Pa in any material another problem is the inexistence of another long-living protactinium isotope (the most stable one is 233Pa with a half-live of 27 days). In the past measurements have been performed by counting α- and β-decays of the sample. While ICP-MS has been emerged as the method of choice nowadays there have been also successful attempts by TIMS and even AMS.

However, reconstructing ocean circulation was not the first application of 231Pa and 230Th in marine science. Since the pioneering studies on the contents of 231Pa in sea-water and sediments in the sixties and seventies both radio-isotopes have been mostly used for the purposes of dating and assessing particle fluxes. In particular the work by Robert Anderson in the eighties was groundbreaking for understanding their cycling in the ocean. It was not before 1996, until 231Pa/230Th was used the first time in order to reconstruct ocean circulation by Ein-Fen Yu, Roger Francois and Michael Bacon. They examined the strength of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning (AMOC) during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). Underpinned by theoretical considerations in 2000 by Olivier Marchal, Roger Francois, Thomas Stocker and Fortunat Joos it took another eight years until the first high-resolution down-core profile of 231Pa/230Th was measured from the Atlantic Ocean and interpreted as a record of past AMOC strength (McManus et al. 2004).

Please find in the following a non-exhaustive list of publications dealing with 231Pa/230Th in paleoceanography and beyond. The items of this list span many aspects related to 231Pa/230Th and may provide a helpful introduction to this topic. Please don’t hesitate to inform us about publications we might have missed (E-Mail Thank you.


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