Early Palaeozoic Sedimentology


Avalonia is a former microcontinent whose rocks are scattered on both sides of the Atlantic today. This includes parts of New England, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, southern England, Wales and northern Germany. However, little is known about the actual palaeoenvironmental conditions during the deposition of sediments, their burial history and diagenesis, and the location and movement of the western parts of Avalonia during the Cambrian and Ordovician. The Cambrian and Ordovician sediments in eastern Newfoundland, especially on the Avalon Peninsula and surrounding Conception Bay serve as an ideal archive. Our research aims for a better understanding of the depositional environments and the palaeogeography of the Avalon Peninsula and adjacent areas during the Early Palaeozoic. In order to achieve this, we combine descriptive basic sedimentological research with modern analytics (e.g., SIMS, XRD, etc.).



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