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Hydrogeochemistry and Hydrogeology

Specification of arsenic in near-surface sediments

In order to analyse differences in concentration, speciation and total mobility of arsenic two different locations were studied near the Helgoland Mud Area, North Sea. The first location is characterised by natural sedimentation, the second by deposited sediments dredged from the port of Hamburg.

Main focus of the research are possible differences in concentration, bond form and mobility of arsenic at different locations

The analysed cores were taken in cooperation with the Alfred-Wegener-Institut in Bremerhaven in 2010, 2011, 2015 and 2016.

Porewater as well as sediment profiles were analysed in respect of arsenic compounds (arsenic (III) and total arsenic) and major redox species as total and reactive manganese and iron. Total element contents in porewater and leachable extracts of sediment fractions were analysed using an ICP-OES, total arsenic and arsenic (III) by dint of HG-AAS.





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Scientific crew of the RV HE-337 (absent: Prof. Dr. M. Staubwasser)

















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