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Influence of heat storage into the near-surface aquifer (ATES) on the hydrogeochemistry of the aquifer.

As part of the joint project, the construction of an ATES-System (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) in a spa in the northern Upper Rhine Graben is being scientifically supported with comprehensive preliminary investigations. Large amounts of excess heat from the operation of the spa could be injected for seasonal use into the near-surface aquifer (<20 m depth) with water temperatures of approx. 30 ┬░C. Depending on the hydrogeochemical conditions, thermal influences on the dissolution and precipitation processes of major minerals, especially carbonates and silicates, on the conversion of organic carbon and on the composition of microorganism populations in the aquifer are expected (Bonte et al., 2013). These influences are investigated by a detailed examination of the hydrogeochemistry on-site, analysis of the aquifer material and column tests in the labaoratory.

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