Sedimentology & Marine Paleoenvironmental Dynamics


PD Dr. André Bahr





Institute of Earth Sciences

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Im Neuenheimer Feld 234

D-69120 Heidelberg





+49 (0)6221-54 6062

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Research Focus:

Earth has cycled between warm and cold climatic states and these serve as a model to help us to understand Earth's likely future. The ocean plays a pivotal role in climate change due to its function as a global heat pump. Hence, it is of utmost importance to understand the dynamics of ocean circulation and its role in the regulation of global climate, particularly in light of the ongoing climate change debate.

My research focuses on intervals of Earth history that serve as analogues for possible environmental changes in the future. These include the massive climatic and environmental fluctuations seen in the last glaciation and the orbitally forced climate-cycles of the Neogene, as well as episodes of global warmth found in Pleistocene interglacials and hyperthermals of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic. I aim to reconstruct the feedbacks between ocean circulation and continental environmental conditions. My overarching question is, how does the ocean control changes in terrestrial climate and vice versa?  

My core questions are:

  • How and on what time scales do changes in ocean circulation affect continental climate?
  • Do changes in the terrestrial environment, such as the amount of precipitation, exert any influence on oceanic circulation? If so, what are these influences?
  • Are there systematic leads and lags between marine and terrestrial climate changes that reveal how the climate system works?

I make use of a combination of geochemical and biotic techniques:

  • foraminiferal geochemistry: temperature and salinity of surface and bottom water;
  • proxy calibration: Ba/Ca and Mg/Ca analyses on planktic foraminifera combined with faunal methods;
  • sedimentary geochemistry: sediment provenance, weathering intensity in the hinterland of rivers, reconstruction of marine bottom currents;
  •  grain-size analysis: investigation of sediment transport (e.g. eolian vs. fluviatile) and bottom current velocity.


Ongoing projects:


1) Dynamics of the South American Monsoon during the Pleistocene and Holocene

Monsoonal rainfall determines water availability over large parts of South America, however, its temporal and spatial dynamics are poorly understood. I am studying (with German Research Foundation, DFG support) the history of run-off of major rivers (e.g. Orinoco, Amazon, Sao Francisco) as an indicator of the moisture availability in the South American interior on decadal to orbital time scales. The combination of terrestrial climate indicators (e.g. Ba/Ca on planktic foraminifera as a river water tracer) with marine proxies (e.g. Mg/Ca-temperatures in planktic foraminifera) reveals the dynamics of terrestrial and oceanic feedbacks in the monsoon cycle.


2) Role of the Subtropical Gyre in ice sheet growth during the mid-Pleistocene

The mid-Pleistocene (ca. 1400–500 ka) is characterized by persistent growth of continental glaciers. We hypothesize that evaporation from the North Atlantic subtropical gyre contributed moisture for ice sheet growth in the high latitudes. This DFG-funded project investigates the spatial extent and strength of gyre circulation during the mid-Pleistocene via Mg/Ca analyses on shallow and deep-dwelling planktic foraminifera. The samples sites cover the western (Ocean Drilling Program Site 1058), northern (International Ocean Discovery Program, IODP, Site U1313) and eastern (IODP Site 1385) boundary of the gyre. This permits an in-depth view of the heat and moisture-transport from the North Atlantic into northern and central Europe during a critical phase of glacier advance.


3) Mediterranean Outflow Water dynamics since the mid-Pleistocene.

The Mediterranean Outflow Water (MOW) plays a pivotal role in Earth's climate as a source of salty water that helps drive the North Atlantic overturning circulation. Changes in the Zr/Al ratios within sediment cores retrieved from the Gulf of Cadiz (IODP Expedition 339) show the long-term contribution of MOW to the salt inventory in the Atlantic. This DFG-funded projects aims to understand what controls MOW-dynamics and assess how MOW production affects the ease of deep convection in the North Atlantic. We have found that variations in the East African Monsoon affect Nile discharge and this freshwater influences formation of the MOW in the eastern Mediterranean – a prime example for the direct coupling of oceanic and continental environmental processes.



Scientific Career and Education:

since 10/2014

Scientific assistant („Akademischer Rat“), Institute of Earth Sciences (Heidelberg)


Scientific assistant, Institute of Geosciences (Frankfurt)


Postdoc, GEOMAR, (Kiel)


Postdoc, MARUM (Bremen)


Postdoc, NIOZ (den Burg, Texel, The Netherlands)


Postdoc, MARUM (Bremen)


Doktorand, MARUM (Bremen)


Studies of Geology and Paleontology, University Hamburg




(as of 06/2021)



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