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Sustainable political development of Germany and sustainable production of wine in the Eastern Pfalz, or sustainable development of a national forest and sustainability within the production of beer, or sustainable use of renewable energy in Heidelberg, sustainability in cultural heritage (Homo heidelbergensis) and sustainable production of beer

D: Sustainable Development, Geo-Education and Sciencetransfer – regional and international: UNESCO-World Heritage Messel Pit and Global Geopark Bergstrasse-Odenwald

Guide: Dr. Marie-Luise Frey (UNESCO-World Heritage Site Messel Pit), Dr. Jutta Weber (Global Geopark Bergstrasse-Odenwald)

The Field trip starts with the visit to the UNESCO-World Heritage Site Messel Pit (Visitor Centre and Messel Pit), where the non profit ltd. Company Welterbe Grube Messel presents the concept and her contribution to the formation of a Science Society on the basis of transmitting earth sciences to the general public. Highlighted will be especially the collaboration with the Global Geopark Bergstrasse-Odenwald and the approach of a sustainable marketing of this World Heritage Site together with the tourism destination and the Geopark.

After our lunch in the bistro of the visitor centre Messel Pit the field trip will follow up to other sites in the Global Geopark Bergstrasse-Odenwald such as:

Sea of rocks (Lautertal) with visitor centre and walk: Sustainable collaboration, Geo-Education, regional Info-Networking, „Geotop“ of the Year and National Geotop

Vine and rock-discovery trail Heppenheim: Sustainable collaboration with „Bergsträsser“ vine growers, development of the trail, common products, collaboration partners, small vine tasting in the vineyard.

Heidelberg: Geopark-on-site – a programme for a sustainable networking and transmittance of regional knowledge in the Geopark: Geopark-on-site in Heidelberg is integral part of the platform „Natürlich Heidelberg“, which has been awarded as UN-Decade project for sustainable Environmental Education. The exemplary guided tour comprises: Haarlass (Geotop 2011), NSG Russenstein, Mausbachwiese)

The guided tour will end at the „Stift Neuburg“ with a dinner in the Abbey Pub (sustainable produced regional products, home made beer of the own brewery)

(E. Haupt)

(Archiv Welterbe Grube Messel)


B: Sustainable development of renewable energy, garbage separation, and the environment of Homo Heidelbergensis, Heidelberg - Sinsheim - Mauer - Heidelberg

Guide: Prof. Dr. Ulrich A. Glasmacher

The trip ist threefold. In the beginning, the visit of the sustainable use of energy (Biomass-Energy production) by the town of Sinsheim (company AVR) will guide into the future of cities and a whole region. The second stop will provide insight into the modern seperation of waste. The third stop will gain information on the environment and the living of Homo Hheidelbergensis. The guided tour will end at Heidelberg and join the participants of excursion A. Together we will have a warm up with home-brewed beer and food at Abbey "Stift Neuburg" in Heidelberg


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