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User Policy

Application for Instrument Time

An initial [application form] on the HIP lab website must be submitted and evaluated by lab staff prior to requesting HIP services in any proposals. HIP personnel are available to assist with proposal preparation as it pertains to services provided by the HIP facility. A new application must be submitted for each service. Instrument time will be allocated in consultation with a five-person steering committee. Prioritization will be granted based on the sequence of application and instrumental condition (e.g., positive secondary). Ion analyses will be conducted en bloc to minimize re-tuning time, and resource availability (e.g., staff hours).

User Fees

In accordance with DFG, operating costs are set to 1200.00 EUR per day for collaborative research, applicable to new HIP applications starting 01.01.2022. A normal working day is considered to consist of 8 hours. Users of the CAMECA ims 1280-HR are permitted to work extended hours once they have received training by lab staff.

Acknowledgment and Co-authorship

The HIP facility follows the example set by the UCLA SIMS Center regarding collaborative research [link]:

“While all the personnel of the ion probe group take an active interest in assisting visitors, we have always sought flexible arrangements in defining our specific roles in the projects of external facility users. Specifically, this means that we have no requirement (explicit or implicit) that Center scientists become actively involved in scientific interpretations, and certainly no expectation for co-authorship on routine data acquisition work. […]”

Some projects of external HIP users might benefit from (active) collaborative research with facility researcher (e.g., for data interpretation). In this case, facility researchers should be acknowledged according to good scientific practice.

Complete User Policy

Please refer to the complete [user policy] of the HIP laboratory for detailed information.

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