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Analytical Capabilities

Reference Materials

Reference materials are available for the listed isotope systems. Please note that for accurate measurements, the chemical compositions of the reference material and that of the analyzed material have to match. When planning on performing stable isotope analysis of minerals forming solid-solution series (e.g., olivine, dolomite-ankerite series), please contact lab personnel to inquire whether reference materials are comparable in composition.

Development of reference materials for systems/materials not shown here might be possible. Please contact lab personnel for more information.

The lab routinely performs measurements of isotope systems/materials marked with *.

Stable Isotope Analyses

  • δ18O (Δ17O)

    baddeleyite, calcite*, corundum, dolomite-ankerite series, olivine*, pyroxene, silicate glasses, zircon*

  • δ13C

    calcite*, dolomite-ankerite series, graphite

  • δ34S

    chalcopyrite, pyrite, troilite

  • δ7Li


Radiogenic Isotope Dating

  • U-Th-Pb

    apatite, baddeleyite*, monazite*, perovskite, rutile, titanite, zircon*

  • U-Th disequilibrium

    allanite, baddeleyite, chevkinite, perovskite, zircon*

  • Mn-Cr

    dolomite, olivine, sphalerite

  • Al-Mg


Elemental Abundances

  • REE, Ti

    silicate glasses, zircon*

  • Halogens

    silicate glasses


Mass scans on zircon [link]

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